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Launch or Accelerate Your Consulting Business

Part of Dana's Nonprofit Hot Shots! curriculum, this overview discusses tips for launching or accelerating a grant consulting business.

Launch or Accelerate Your Consulting Business

Topics include:
Golden Rules of Grant Consulting
Setting up your business - registering with state, IRS, and all that scary stuff
Unlocking the secrets of branding
Maintaining a consistent style
Grant Readiness Assessments as a marketing tool
Scopes of Work
Client onboarding and maintenance
Proposal Review Form
Proposal Checklist
Appropriate for mid-level to advanced grant professionals
Timeframe: 60-120 minutes
DISCLAIMER: In this seminar, I do encourage participants to join my Nonprofit Hot Shots course, so there is kind of a sales pitch, but it is a soft pitch. Participants will still learn a lot, even if they don't sign up.

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