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Our Values

  • Client-Centeredness - In all interactions with our clients, our focus will be on ensuring they receive our products consistently. We view our processes and work from the clients’ perspectives, knowing that each client may have different needs, styles and desires.

  • Excellence - Recognizing that perfection is the realm of the Divine and that we are not God, SC team members strive not for perfection, but for excellence in all things. To achieve excellence, our commodities will consistently have few or no errors, conform to the appropriate style, be completed before deadlines, follow best practices in the field of fundraising, exhibit creativity and reflect the client’s brand. Our internal practices will follow all laws, professional ethical standards and company policy, be produced accurately and be completed on time.

  • Consistency - Our commodities and products will be delivered to clients in a consistent manner, following our stated policies and procedures. This allows our clients to experience consistent satisfaction over time.

  • Creativity - The adherence to SC policies and procedures leaves room for creativity that reflects the personality, history and values of each client and writer. Our commodities are inherently creative works, designed to be read by our clients’ stakeholders. Therefore, we are committed to ensuring a level of creativity that is engaging and memorable.

  • Generosity - Defined as the quality of being kind and giving more than is necessary or expected, SC team members practice generosity through their personal and professional interactions.

  • Integrity - Defined as being honest and forthright, SC team members use the value of integrity to determine all actions, both within the organization and in relationship with clients and the general public. When we err, we admit the error openly and seek to ameliorate its impact. We fulfill all commitments and follow all ethical, legal and moral regulations, even when doing so may not be to our own benefit.

  • Grace - With a commitment to excellence and integrity, SC personnel are also ready to exhibit grace to ourselves and others when falling short of expectations. This includes being honest with all involved about the situation, communicating our own feelings, being quick to accept apologies and letting go of resentment, anger or hurts.

  • Equity, Diversity and Inclusion – With recognition that there is strength in our differences, SC embraces the values of equity, diversity and inclusion. Equity refers to the fair and respectful treatment of all people, while striving to identify and eliminate barriers that may prevent the full participation of some. Diversity refers to welcoming and encouraging a variety of characteristics that lead to a diversity of thoughts, ideas, perspectives and values. Inclusion means we create an environment where all individuals can be and feel welcomed, heard, respected, supported and valued.

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