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Point Report

Time is your most valuable asset - you can't afford to waste it.

The Point Report identifies your top grantmaking prospects, allowing you to focus on the funders MOST interested in your mission.

Sharpshooter Point Report™

To identify the optimal funders for your organization, Sharpshooter identifies keywords and other nonprofit organizations with similar missions. We then conduct a thorough review of previous grants awarded locally, statewide, and nationally to determine which funders have a pattern of funding missions similar to yours.

You will have access to our complete findings, which include:

  • A summary of the research process

  • The list of top grantmaking prospects, organized by:

    • Deadline

    • Probability of funding success

  • Profiles on similar nonprofits and their grant sources

  • Profiles on each top grantmaking prospect

  • A list of corporate giving programs

  • A list of all foundations in the state

  • The raw search data, organized by keyword (it’s a data dump, but we also provide summary information

We will also go through the full Point Report with you, providing insight on how you can use this information start pursuing funding immediately!

The cost for the Point Report is $3,800. We ask for $1,000 upfront and the balance upon delivery.

Click here to download a copy of the 2024 Sharpshooter Capacity Statement. Note: We do not force an organization into a one-size-fits all contract. The capacity statement provides an overview of our pricing and services. It may change without notice.

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