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Our Team

dana head_edited.png

Dana Schuler Drummond, MA, CFRE, GPC

With more than 30 years' experience in nonprofit management and fundraising, Dana has helped nonprofit organization across the world raise millions to support their missions.


Specialties: Grant Seeking, Public Relations, Strategic Planning, Research


Jodi has a broad range of experiences and expertise to help clients craft grant proposals that win. She has a Master's in Public Administration.


Specialties: Grant Seeking, Community Development, Arts

Jodi Korth, MPA


Nikki is the office administrator and researcher at Sharpshooter. She manages the day-to-day operations, conducts daily scans for funding opportunities for clients, and conducts funder research. She holds a bachelor of science in organizational leadership.

Specialties: Project Management, Research

Nikki Wilson


Nancy is a senior grant professional at Sharpshooter. She has a master's of fine arts and holds a Medical Writing and Editing Certificate from the University of Chicago.


Specialties: Grant seeking, Medical Writing, Fundraising

Nancy Goldenberg, MFA


Susan is a senior grant professional at Sharpshooter. She has an MBA from Penn State and has served some of the region's premier nonprofit organizations.

Specialties: Grant seeking, Nonprofit Development, Program Evaluation

Susan Pierce, MBA

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Ellen Dollarhide McCoy, PhD

Ellen has worked in the public education sector as a classroom teacher, a qualitative researcher and analyst of organizational change theory, a state-level policy advisor and advocate, an adjunct instructor in education policy graduate programs, and as the chief executive of a local education agency. 

Specialties: Education, Teaching, seeking, Nonprofit Development, Program Evaluation


Margaret Stall

Margaret is a communications specialist at Sharpshooter. A lifelong Tulsan, she holds a bachelor's degree in English from the University of Arkansas. Margaret is also a vocal instructor and actor. 


Specialties: Humanities, social media

Matt Meyer headshot_edited.jpg

Matt Meyer

After decades of dynamic leadership at Tulsa's River Parks, Matt retired and joined Sharpshooter as a part-time grant professional. 


Specialties: Government grants, municipal programming, parks and recreation, dad jokes

Gabe's photo_edited.jpg

Gabe is a Grant Writer at Sharpshooter. He has experience in institutional grant seeking and grant management, as well as program design and coordination. Gabe is headquartered in OKC.


Specialties: Higher education grants; program design.

Gabriel Martin

Ryn globe_edited.jpg

Kathryn Drummond

Ryn is a future grant professional interning at Sharpshooter. She is currently a sophomore pursuing a journalism degree at the University of Kansas.

Specialties: Journalism, Investigative Reporting, Social Media, Copywriting

Avery Photo_edited.jpg

Avery Cardinal

Avery is a senior at Gonzaga University and an intern at Sharpshooter.  In addition to earning scholarly accolades, she is also an award-winning writer and dedicated community volunteer.


Specialties: Nonprofit Programming, Copywriting

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