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Creating Order Out of Chaos

Most popular! Grant seeking has become exponentially more complex over the past ten years. Dana provides an overview of the sources of grant chaos, as well as offering strategies that help create order of the chaos.

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Digital Tools, Tips and Tricks Every Grant Professional Will Love

Our newest seminar! Includes an overview of digital tools - most are free or cheap - that can be game changers for grant seekers.

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It Worked for Toyota: Applying Lean Philosophies to Grant Seeking

Another popular session! Could a Lean system streamline your grant seeking?
A case study of how one nonprofit launched a Lean process for grant seeking

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Launch or Accelerate Your Consulting Business

Part of Dana's Nonprofit Hot Shots! curriculum, this overview discusses tips for launching or accelerating a grant consulting business.

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TARGETED Approach to Grant Seeking

No one will give you money just because you deserve it. This session provides a general overview of the grant seeking process and provides tips on ensuring your grant strategy is set up for success.

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The IRS 990 - Your Most Important Fundraising Tool!

This seminar is actually a LOT more fun than it sounds - really!

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