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Consistency: The Value Series

Updated: Oct 6, 2023

All contractors you hire should be consistent - and that is even more important for grant writers and fundraising professionals. At Sharpshooter, we take consistency very seriously.

For us, we embody the consistency value through delivering our services in a consistent manner, following our stated policies and procedures and ensuring our clients experience consistent satisfaction over time.

We will execute high-quality grant writing eliminating the "will this application be well-written" guessing game. I've written about our 90-60-30 process many times (and you can check it out here), and what I love about our process is that it builds a standard of consistency that we can count on (at least the majority of the time, because any grant writer will tell you that grant writing is hardly ever the same).

The sheer nature of seeking grants is chaotic. Funders change their deadlines and priorities. Nonprofits change staff or programming. Cox decides to turn off our Internet while we are uploading an application into a portal 10 minutes before the deadline (yes, that's happened).

It is impossible to be perfect, so we'd rather be consistent.

We know that there will be times that we are uploading federal grants at 10:55pm. We know that sometimes a client's organization floods, nearly causes an electrical fire and a report doesn't get reviewed in time (yes, that's happened too). In those moments we embody grace, flexibility and care for our clients (and ourselves sometimes). When you work with Sharpshooter you will know what to expect and when to expect it. You will have peace of mind that every grant or project we write will be well-written, well-researched and accurately reflect your organization's voice. You will feel confident that we know how to put out fires when they happen (because we've put out many, many before).

That's consistency to us.


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