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Creativity: The Value Series

Updated: Oct 6, 2023

This week on The Value Series we're talking about creativity. I feel like I say this every week, but this is one of my favorite values.

Grant writing has a reputation of being dry, boring, life-draining and not particularly creative. I completely disagree, however it only takes a quick Google search to find thousands of people who truly think that grant writing is less that riveting.

Fortunately for them, people like me exist. I love grant writing. I love those moments when you have poured blood, sweat and tears into a proposal and receive a "we are pleased to inform you" email. I particularly love the moments when we identify a new funder for an organization that requires us to stretch and think creatively as to how we will present a compelling request.

Therefore, creativity is a one of Sharpshooter's core values.

We define creativity as adhering to SC policies and procedures while leaving room for creativity that reflects the personality, history and values of each client and writer. Our commodities are inherently creative works, designed to be read by our clients’ stakeholders. Therefore, we are committed to ensuring a level of creativity that is engaging and memorable.

You read that correctly. Grant writing is inherently a creative work. We tell stories to funders with the hope that they will be moved and inspired to approve funding requests. We find exciting ways to make bathroom vents so glamorous and enticing that funders enthusiastically approve the request.

I cannot stress enough how important creativity is in the grant writing process. Yes, grant writing is technical when we talk about budgets, organization's history and boards of directors. However, that makes the difference between a meh proposal and a yes proposal is the story we creatively tell.


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